Welcome to Miner of adventure!

In this game you have to fight with dark forces.

There is no end so you can play forever.

You will have 6 weapons.

Each of them has its own recharge and its own power.

You can choose a strong weapon with a long cooldown or a weak one with a small cooldown.

How to understand when the enemy attacks you?

When an enemy attacks your heart turn white!

Weapons can be improved in the inventory!

If you reach the 15th or 35th wave you go into a new environment!

We hope you can reach these waves.

Useful articles:

Weapons: https://miner-games.itch.io/miner-of-adventure/devlog/152457/weapons

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I like the game, but it gets boring after a minute or so. other than that, great job

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to make the game more interesting!


Great game , would have liked to know more on what each item does.

Thanks for your feedback. Perhaps we will make an article about weapons. Or maybe clues to the game itself!


This is really cool

Thanks for your feedback.

We are waiting for your ideas to improve the game!


made in scratch 5/5 stars

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Thanks for your feedback!

We are waiting for your ideas to improve the game!